DCGM ver 2.2.9

I’d like to request an info as to where one could upload rpm (or source) files for DCGM v2.2.9 (x86-64, RH7 OS, and POWER9, RH8 OS). The official website points to github repo with the last commit made on June 11, GitHub - NVIDIA/DCGM: NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager (DCGM) is a project for gathering telemetry and measu. Please note that for some reason versions above 2.2.6 are not included in the public repository.
Thank you

Hi @astrel ,

Can you try the steps in Data Center GPU Manager User Guide :: Data Center GPU Manager Documentation ? That should pull the 2.2.9 release from the NVIDIA CUDA repo.


Thanks @ScottEllis , got it!