WDDM 2.x Driver Update | Windows | GeForce 210

Please release WDDM 2.x version of Windows Drivers for old GPU series with new features and enhancements or release their sources in Open Source thus any developer can try building it.

Monitor GPU Usage in the Windows Task Manager
Windows uses newer features in the Windows Display Driver Model to pull this information directly from the GPU scheduler (VidSCH) and video memory manager (VidMm) in the WDDM’s graphics kernel, which are responsible for actually allocating the resources. It shows very accurate data no matter which API applications use to access the GPU—Microsoft DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL, NVIDIA CUDA, AMD Mantle, or anything else.

That’s why only systems with WDDM 2.0-compatible GPUs show this information in the Task Manager. If you don’t see it, your system’s GPU probably uses an older type of driver.

You can check which version of WDDM your GPU driver is using by pressing Windows+R, typing “dxdiag” into the box, and then pressing Enter to open the DirectX Diagnostic tool. Click the “Display” tab and look to the right of “Driver Model” under Drivers. If you see a “WDDM 2.x” driver here, your system is compatible. If you see a “WDDM 1.x” driver here, your GPU isn’t compatible.

Please build/release WDDM 2.x Driver Update or make it Open Source

Features added in prior WDDM 2.X versions


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