Dead development board?

After a failed attempt to flash this board with the latest 3.3 Jetpack, now the board will not power on. When I hit the power button, the green light flashes on and then off quickly. Specifically, the green light next to the power button and the green light next to the Force Recovery button light very briefly, along with a red LED right next to the PCI x4 slot. They all light briefly then go out.

I have tried the steps to push the buttons correctly to get the device into Force Recovery mode, but when I connect the usb cable to my other ubuntu machine, I do not see the device in the ‘lsusb’ list.

Is there anything I can do to revive this board or is this an RMA situation?


Is it using the power supply which comes with it? Try disconnecting everything, hold the power button down for a few seconds to discharge any capacitors, and then connect only the power connector. Then try again. If that fails, and if you are using the original power supply, then it might be time to RMA.

Also, does it look like the module is correctly seated? If it has ever been removed, then it might not be seated quite right.