deallocate error

i’m using pgf90 v6 compiler for the MM5 v3.6 model, and when i execute the regrid model (regridder) i get this message :

0: DEALLOCATE memory at 0x8129f60 not allocated

and it stops. i read in the MM5 forum that this error is due to the compiler pgf90 v6, so can some one tell me if there’s a patch to add to this version or any solution to this problem? it’s been a week i’m trying with it, and i spent more time that i should. any help are welcome.

Hi oussabou,

We did get a report about this about a year ago but we were never able to recreate the problem here. The customer who reported the problem was suppose to send us details on how to recreate the error as well as an example data set, but unfortunatley never did. If your willing, can you send a report to detailing how to recreate the error, including the terrain and pregridder steps, as well as providing sample data? This would be very helpful in diagnosing the problem.

Of course, it is possible that the same error appeared elsewhere and has since been fixed. Can you also try downloading the latest compiler from our download page to see if it happens to be fixed?