Debug CUDA Kernel w/ Eclipse (gdb) in Linux Debug CUDA Kernel w/ Eclipse (gdb) in Li


The short story:
I’m using Eclipse as my IDE under CentOS (Linux) and trying to set a breakpoint in my CUDA kernel. Has anyone done this succesfully?

The long story:
I’m building a mex file for Matlab that calls into a CUDA kernel. I’m able to break in the mex code fine, but not into the CUDA kernel. My build looks like this;

(TARGET): (CUDA_SRC) (C_SRC) (CUDAPATH)/bin/(NVCC) -g -deviceemu -D_DEBUG -DEBUG (LIBPATH) (INCPATH) (LIBS) -Xcompiler ‘-fpic -shared’ -shared (CUDA_SRC) (C_SRC) -o $(TARGET)

So I do have -deviceemu set… I’m not sure why its not breaking.

Anyone have any comments / ideas?

Hey, same problem here. Did you find out how to put breakpoints in kernels with eclipse?