debugging and compiling flags?

When I use the intel compiler I use flags like -check all or -CB

Are there any similar flags in pgi?

What about something similar to -fast?


Hi ignacio82,

Here’s the list of our debugging switchs. I also recommend using Valgrind ( when looking for UMRs or other memory issues.

Hope this helps,

% pgfortran -help

Debugging switches:
-C Generate code to check array bounds
-g Generate information for debugger
-gopt Generate information for debugger without disabling optimizations
-M[no]bounds Generate code to check array bounds
-Mchkfpstk Check consistency of floating point stack at subprogram calls (32-bit only)
-Mchkptr Check for NULL pointers
-Mchkstk Check for sufficient stack space upon subprogram entry
-Mcoff Generate COFF format object
-Mdwarf1 Generate DWARF1 debug information with -g
-Mdwarf2 Generate DWARF2 debug information with -g
-Mdwarf3 Generate DWARF3 debug information with -g
-Melf Generate ELF format object
-Mnodwarf Do not add DWARF debug information
-M[no]pgicoff Generate additional symbolic information
-[no]traceback Add debug information for runtime traceback