Deep Stream Supported List of GPU's


What are the list of GPU’s that support Deep Streams and the number of Video Streams they can process in real time and FPS.

Is it like only Tesla T4 , P4 along with TX platform only support it?

Does RTX 2060 or GTX 1660 Support Deep Stream as well?

Technically DeepStream can run on NVIDIA consumer GPUs such as RTX or GTX series. For validation and QA, we only run on Jetson Nano, Tx1, Tx2, AGX Xavier and NVIDIA T4. For maximum number of streams that can be processed in DeepStream, please see the Real-time performance on DeepStream Product page.

Even though you can run on consumer GPUs, we cannot guarantee the performance and functionality. For deploying your application, we highly recommend using one of the approved systems.

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