DeepStream 7.0 coming when?

The announcement honestly causes more concern than excitement. You posted an announcement and then closed the topic immediately. Are we talk days, weeks, or months? Has 6.4 been moved to production status or is this just going to be skipped. I see that the docs have removed the 6.4 DP (developer preview) designation. Does this mean 6.4 is now endorsed for production? I’m still working through issues with it and seems like support efforts have gone on to bright new shiny things.

Hi @don36 ,
We prefer to open a new topic for your concerns. Discussion on the same topic will trigger the system to send every update to all users involved in the previous discussion, which is annoying for some people, thus closing that topic.

For the release date, it’s at the last mile, please wait for our update in the coming weeks.

DS6.4 was released for production when it was released in Dec last year, not very sure which docs you referred, can you share the links?