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Hello Nvidia family and friends,

I’m new to Deepstream and have some newbies question.
I have a camera mounted on a gimbal, that I can control with my code.
My goal is that when the camera detects a person, the camera will follow that person.
To understand the way Deepstream works, I’m working with the python example codes from the Deepstream python apps repository.
First, I’m trying to remove the default drawing of the bounding boxes. To that end, I thought I would remove the nvosd component of the pipeline, but then the code doesn’t work anymore.
Here is the modified version of the python deepstream_test1 code (I basically commented out everything related to the nvosd object), along with the error that is displayed when I run the code.

Also, what bothers me now is that I wanted to use the metada, like the confidence of the inference, but the probe function that gets this metadata (in this case the osd_sink_pad_buffer_probe() function) is linked that nvosd object, as it is advised to do in the Deepstream documentation.

So, in order to clarify my question, how can we remove the default drawing of the bounding boxes, and how can we still get the metadata from the inference at the same time ?

Thank you very much for your esteemed help


Have you tried to set display-bbox=false in your OSD? This should disable drawing of the bboxes but you will still be able to access the Object Metadata.
That means in your code, it would be done after this line · GitHub
osd.set_property("display-bbox", False)
Is that what you’re looking for?

Hello marmikshah,

Thank you very much for your reply, this is indeed going in the right direction.
With nvosd.set_property("display-bbox", False) it does indeed not draw the bounding boxes.
However, the label (“Car” or “person”) remains.
Would you know where I can find a list of all the properties one can set for and object, in this case nvosd ?
Put differently, where did you get the knowledge of which property to set ?
I’m having a hard time finding it in the deepstream doc (I guess I suck at searching the doc).

Thanks again for your help


Oh sure. You can get the property list for any gstreamer plugin by typing gst-inspect-1.0 plugin-name in your terminal.

Incase that is inconvenient, you may also take a look at the properties on nvidia’s documentation

To disable the text you can also set display-text to False.

Good luck.

Hello marmikshah,

Thank you once again for your help, I really appreciate.


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