Deepstream Latency issue

I am curretly running the Deepstream sample codee and RTSP related code on deepstream 5.0 on Xavier NX.

The whole process now(as i learn on sample code) is that i need to save the streaming as the data file , and feed this data to get the raw data from deeptream.

Is there a way to diretly function to Streaming? or the I/O performance and Latency will be a issue to us

Some samples work in this way, but others can get streaming resources directly and output RTSP stream directly. Please refer to deepstream-app.
For the input sources,, “uri” can be http, rtsp, …

For the output sink, “type” can be 4(Encode + RTSP streaming).

It is recommanded to get some gstreamer knowlege before start with DeepStream. GStreamer: open source multimedia framework

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Thanks, Fiona, it is really helpful