DeepStream on Jetson Nano vs Tx2

According to this video :

It says , intelligent Video Analytics for 8 channels at 1080P 30FPS powered by DeepStream SDK.

I have built Deepstream 1.5 on my tx2 and Jetpack 3.3. with default sample caffemodels it gives 30 Fps but average results. When i tried with nvyolo plugin and run it ,it’s detections more accurate but it gives 13-14 fps on average. And i couldn’t even run multiple videos.

How to reach the same performance with tx2 ? Doesn’t tx2 more powerful than nano ?

What are the suitable configuration for using deepstream with tx2 ? Which jetpack version or ds version etc.

DeepStream SDK 1,5 does not support 8 channels at 1080P 30FPS. Please wait for next DeepStream SDK for TX2.


Currently, how many channels TX2 can support with DeepStream SDK 1.5?

In DeepStream SDK 1.5, we only have sample config file for single source.