• Hardware Platform (GPU)
• DeepStream Version (6)
• TensorRT Version (8)
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (515.65.01)
• new requirements
• We are happy to use Deepstream so far and prepare to sell our products with Nvidia GPU on Windows X86. At the beginning of this very new year 2023, any news about Deepstream SDK for Windows? Perhaps, somthing like a roadmap?

Can you tell us why do you need DeepStreamSDK on Windows?

Hi @fengxueem - Adding to what Fiona mentions.

Can you please share what is the use-case? Specifically I would like to understand if your ask for Windows support is for application development, for deployment (inference)?

Understanding the driving factor will be also useful.


@Fiona.Chen @carlosgs
Use case:
At first, we have played around with Deepstream SDK on arm64 hardware like Xavier/Orin. Then we moved our product to x86 hardware like T4.
At this point, we continue to hear voices from our customers. They need our products running on Windows. For me, personally, this need for Windows is quite fair, since they are no experts on CS. When they choose to buy a big set of servers which running Linux and Deepstream, it is not so obvious for our customer too feel and get hands on our product.
However, when they are buying devices running somewhere right beside them, somewhere just so close to the data being created and consumed. They start to feel and touch our product on hand and complain that Linux is not that easy for them to use. On the contrast, Windows looks familier. These people perfer to use something they already knew.
Since this is the actual need, our team look forward to hearing good news from you guys. About Deepstream on Windows(We believe in you, as TensorRT supports Windows already)

We will consider your request. Thank you for providing the information.

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