Does deepstream support running under windows10 OS?

  • Windows10 OS
  • GPU 3090

Does deepstream support running under windows OS?
I want to use docker to pull the official deepstream image and then run the OS under windows, I don’t know if it is possible?
Here are the steps:
1, Install Docker Desktop: Download and install Docker Desktop from the official Docker website. after installation, start Docker Desktop and wait for it to run.

2, Download the DeepStream Docker image: Download the DeepStream Docker image from NVIDIA’s Docker Hub.

3, Start DeepStream container: Start DeepStream container with the following command
Where /path/to/your/deepstream/app is the directory path where the DeepStream application is stored locally, replace it with your own directory path. This will start DeepStream in the Docker container and mount the local application directory to the container.

4, Run the DeepStream application: In the Docker container, run the DeepStream application from the command line

deepstream-app -c <配置文件路径>

No. It is impossible. Even with DeepStream docker, the linux driver is needed in the host.

Is there an alternative, as I am a loyal user of deepstream and have been using it for a long time.
Any other t alternatives you can point me to?
Is it possible to use Linux command-line tools and applications in Windows through WSL, while being able to access resources such as the Windows file system and network?

No. WSL is not supported.

If you are a loyal user, please require through the sales.

There is deepstream in Graph Composer, so Graph Composer Windows can’t be used either? Is it just a tool to remote ubuntu systems and the packaged programs can only be run under ubuntu?

For Graph Composer, Windows 10 can only support remote execute through ssh connection. remote execution. The graph is actually running in another Linux device. Please read the document carefully.

Well, it seems there is no way to get deepstream to run on windows according to what you said.

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