#define in define.inc file

Dear All,
I am trying to compile my code using “Compaq Visual Fortran” which includes some *.for and some *.inc files. In one of the *.inc files (define.inc) I have:

define INT2 integer*2

define REAL real*8

define EXP dexp

define SQRT dsqrt

define ZERO 0.0d0

define HALF 0.5d0

define ONE 1.0d0

And obviously I include the define.inc file in the main and all the subroutine as:
#include “define.inc”
but for some ? reason when I compile the code using the “Rebuild All” option under Build toolbar, I get warnings such as:
Warning: Variable ONE is used before its value has been defined
if (csp.gt. ONE) csp= ONE
and many many more similar warnings and accordingly some errors
Apparently the variables defined in define.inc file have not been preprocessed and their value can not been transferred to the subroutines. I have /fpp option selected under Project/Settings/Fortran/ Preprocessor
I was wondering if anyone knows the solution.
Appreciate you help in advance,