Delete my account!

Please delete the account associated with my email address! I am very upset to see you do not offer the basic feature every other company offers to have accounts deleted. I accidentally registered multiple accounts trying to remember my geforce passwords over the years and am very upset to see they all remain active with no way to delete them even when logged in.
This is privacy invasion to not offer us ways to control which places have accounts. I’m not talking about this forum account (although I want it deleted as well). I’m talking about the MAIN account associated with this e-mail.

I should not have to create accounts on forums to even get in touch but there wasn’t even an email on the “contact us” page… bad form.


Please visit our Privacy Policy page and follow the instructions to delete your account data.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page after you are logged in. You will see an option to “Delete My Data”.

Best regards,