Device to Device copy How to copy from Device to Device


I have a 9800 GX2 and I need access to the whole 1GB of global mem (across both cards). If I run my kernel on one device, can I copy the output to the memory of the second device within the kernel? I have a huge image stack that I need to process and would like to not overwrite the input image. If this is possible, what is the function call to use within the kernel?


The two cards have separate memory pools that cannot be shared in this fashion.

to my understanding he knows they have 2 seperate memory pools.

the way i read his question is can card #2 be uses as +512 to card#1`s 512 (like a cache or a storage)

isnt this how it works right now but usually the cache/storage is on the HD or system ram?

Basically I need access to the 1GB of global memory that is divided across 2 cards. If this isn’t possible is there a card that has 1GB of global memory for only 1 device?

Tesla C870, Tesla C1060, or GTX 280 (although you won’t be able to access the entire 1GB on that card, probably 960-980 megs)