Device tree and building a kernel module for max30100 or max30102

I’m trying to use max30102 or max30100 with jetson nano insted of using BBB .
I found this tutorial
I tried this overlay :
&i2c1 {
status = “okay”;
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
max30102@57 {
compatible = “maxim,max30102”;
reg = <0x57>;
maxim,red-led-current-microamp = <7000>;
maxim,ir-led-current-microamp = <7000>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio1>;
interrupts = <16 2>;
I got this error :
$ dtc -O dtb -o my-overlay.dtbo -@ max30100-overlay.dts
Error: max30100-overlay.dts:1.1-2 syntax error
FATAL ERROR: Unable to parse input tree
I got the overlay from linux-tegra-4.9/max30100.txt at oe4t-patches-l4t-r32.4 · OE4T/linux-tegra-4.9 · GitHub
and tried to add i2c1
also I found this document :
and tried to follow it step by step but every time I got error.
any idea how to fix this issue and how to build a kernel module?

This is a duplicate, and should probably be kept to one thread. See: