Devkit used as carrier board without eeprom


Hi @kayccc , as it stands carrier boards without eeproms should set the cvb eeprom read size to 0 as per Jetson AGX Orin Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation otherwise MB1 halts and prevents booting.

My question would be the other way around, if the AGX Orin Devkit could be flashed and used with cvb_eeprom_read_size=0 and what would be the consequences, if any. What wouldn’t work on the Devkit?

Say we wanted to provide the same BSP image with cvb_eeprom_read_size=0 in the dtsi that someone would flash un-modified either on a Devkit or on a custom carrier board that has no eeprom, The custom dtb is later set trough the extlinux.conf file, if the carrier board is actually custom.

Is it safe to use this on the devkit? What would happen at most?

Thank you

Some of our flash process is using cvb eeprom to tell which dtb should be used. But that was only happened in some early stage release like jp5 DP and jp5.0.2. Also, mostly for our internal board. We have multiple kinds of sku of devkit carrier boards but end users may not have it.

These dependencies have been almost removed in latest release.

Hi @WayneWWW and thank you for your quick reply. So using a size of 0 in Jetpack 5.2.1 with the AGX Orin would be no problem for the AGX Orin Devkit, right?

Yes, I think so. If you hit any issue, please let me know.

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