Digits does not use gpu on Jeton TX2

I installed Digits on Jetson TX2, it’s working but without gpu training.
I used JetPack 3.1
Please help us to resolve this problem.

I ask if we can run Digits from jetson TX2 in local ? or we need a host pc that contain nvidia gpu to do the training.

DIGITS isn’t supported on Jetson, it runs on x86_64.

Further, DIGITS doesn’t do GPU training itself, it requires NVcaffe (or Torch/TensorFlow). So if NVcaffe wasn’t properly built with CUDA support, it won’t be available to DIGITS either.

Thank you very much.
So we should install our DIGITS in other host pc that owns a nvidia gpu.
Below you find that Digits is working but it uses a CPU instead of GPU :

NVIDIA Tegra X2 (#0)
Process #9708
CPU Utilization
996 MB (12.7%)

Yes, please install DIGITS to x86 host PC or server with discrete NVIDIA GPU attached (minimum 6GB graphics memory, preferably 12GB).