How to install DIGITS and make it work with GPU?

Hi. I’m currently working on how to use DIGITS on TX2 platform. I now that there is no official support but some folks on github have made it work. So how can i install and build DIGITS and all dependencies for TX2 and do inference using GPU?

Hi doruk898,

DIGITS isn’t intended to be installed on Jetson platform or officially supported on ARM, also don’t know where is the github that made it works.

The setup directions indicate to install DIGITS on the host (x86_64). Please follow the directions from the tutorial to configure DIGITS on the host (i.e. you will also need to install CUDA Toolkit, NVIDIA driver, cuDNN, and NVcaffe for DIGITS).


A video walkthrough of natively installing NVIDIA DIGITS on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is available here:

-Cuda Education