Disable EDID Power/Presence Detect? [SOLVED]

Hello - I just upgraded to driver 337.25 on Gentoo with Xorg 1.15.1 and when I turn off my Yamaha AV receiver, xorg detects the change but it can’t seem to recover when I turn the AV receiver back on resulting in a black/blank screen. I have to restart xdm in order to get Xorg running/visible again. I didn’t change anything in my xorg.conf so I’m thinking this is a new feature or maybe a new bug? Has anyone else experienced behavior like this with 337.25 or have a fix by chance?

I noticed someone else reporting this issue in the MythTV user forum and it was fixed by adding (Option “UseHotplugEvents” “False”) to my xorg.conf, under the “Monitor” section.


I have absolute the same problem on my HP Z820 with a Quadro K4000. If i turn off and back on one or both of the via DisplayPort connected displays i only get a black screen showing the mouse pointer.

Installed is Centos 6.6 x64 and Nvidia driver 343.22.

Is there a comparable Option to “UseHotplugEvents” for DisplayPort ?

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no one with this problem ? No solution or ideas ?