Disable RoCE iCRC Validation


Is there a way to disable the RoCEv2 iCRC validation on ConnectX-6 Dx (MT4125 - MCX623106AN-CDAT) 100G NICs?

I’d greatly appreciate your support!

Thank you, in advance!

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Hi Hamed

Yes, it’s possible to disable ICRC on ConnectX-6 Dx.
For the details, please open a CASE. Because there are something to consider it.


Hi @hyungkwangc

Thank you very much for your guidance! I went ahead and opened a case.
The Case Number is 00554996.

Thank you again!

Hi @hyungkwangc - my company has a RoCE implementation where we connect our custom hardware to a cluster with ConnectX-5 cards. We have been able to disable ICRC on CX-5 cards, but not on CX-6 cards which is a problem as we would like to migrate our solution to CX-6. Is it possible for you to post solution here on how to do this.
I also opened a case 00569035 for this.


Hey Todd!

Would you maybe mind sharing how you disabled ICRC on your Mellanox ConnectX-5? I’m working on a Mellanox ConnectX-5 Ex and tried out this script from GitHub (https://github.com/p4lang/p4app-switchML/blob/main/dev_root/scripts/disable-icrc.sh), but apparently the registers were not changed and ICRC remained active. Do you probably have some tip for me on how to disable ICRC?



Can you please post how to disable icrc in rdma?