Disable RoCE iCRC Validation


Is there a way to disable the RoCEv2 iCRC validation on ConnectX-6 Dx (MT4125 - MCX623106AN-CDAT) 100G NICs?

I’d greatly appreciate your support!

Thank you, in advance!

Hi Hamed

Yes, it’s possible to disable ICRC on ConnectX-6 Dx.
For the details, please open a CASE. Because there are something to consider it.


Hi @hyungkwangc

Thank you very much for your guidance! I went ahead and opened a case.
The Case Number is 00554996.

Thank you again!

Hi @hyungkwangc - my company has a RoCE implementation where we connect our custom hardware to a cluster with ConnectX-5 cards. We have been able to disable ICRC on CX-5 cards, but not on CX-6 cards which is a problem as we would like to migrate our solution to CX-6. Is it possible for you to post solution here on how to do this.
I also opened a case 00569035 for this.