How to disable roce - Windows

Hello, I would like to disable RoCE functionality on my ConnectX-5. I am trying to verify device I am working on and which has RoCE capabilites is working correctly. Due to this I installed Linux on virtual machine in VirtualBox and I am trying to use soft roce which sould fulfill my demands.

Problem is that when I connect two port of my ConnectX-5 in hardware loopback I am able to send RoCE SEND packet out from one interface, but it get lost somewhere in second interface.

I tried to run this on virtual network created in virtual box and I was succesful. My idea is that ConnectX-5 has enabled RoCE and it discard RoCE packet so it doesn’t arrive to higher layers.

My questions are:

Thank you

Hello Jakub,

Thank you for posting your request on the Mellanox Community.

As per your request on how-to disable RoCE for WinOF-2 →

Section “RoCE Options” describes how-to disable RoCE.

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