Disabling Runtime Execution Limit

Hey there,
I’ve been attempting to get around the run time limit for you computations on my Jetson Nano 2gb.

I’ve tried from setting default to multi-target to boot into textual mode, to setting"Interactive" “0” on the corgi.conf file.

I did find that there’s two files that start with xorg in the /etc/X11 folder. There’s xorg.conf and corgi.conf.jetson. both have a section about device with identical attributes and modifying them both with interactive didn’t work either. I’m not sure what system to disable to get my kernels to run until termination. Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?


Yes, I’ve still been unable to allow my kernels to execute without a runtime limit.

The weird thing to me is that I’ve tried set-default multi-target to boot into textual mode and from here doing sudo init 3 which by my account should ultimately disable any limit but on devquery i still get reported that it’s on and my kernels terminate at 4 or 5 seconds

Would you please help to provide more information on what exactly below statement mean:
“I’m not sure what system to disable to get my kernels to run until termination”

Which kernels are you trying to run till termination?

I’m coding in Cuda and I’m testing things out.
I made a really simple kernel that adds up to a certain value and then terminates but there’s a runtime limit on the gpu which terminates the kernel preemptively causing errors.

When I run devquery it’s one of the listed properties and I’ve been attempting to shut it off. It’s proper property name is:

Run time limit on kernels: Yes

When I look for the properties with the runtime library it’s under the method

cudaDevAttrKernelExecTimeout: 1

As i understand it i should be able to have this disabled and have my kernels run without termination after 4 to 5 sec.

I’ve tried to

Sysctl kernel.watchdog=0


Running on init 3

I’ve tried many things that seem to work for others running linux in different machines. I feel jetson nano should be capable