disastrous (graphics card driver?) issue while running CATIA Need help immediately

I run CATIA on my engineering college’s computers quite frequently, and for the most part, there are no issues. However, there are these new computers they just got, and the computers can’t run CATIA to save their lives. Every 2 to 5 minutes, it freezes pretty much permanently until I kill it with task manager. The computer is a Dell Precision T3500 with Xeon quad core, 4 GB RAM (whimpy), NVIDIA Quadro 600 graphics card. All the computers in this particular lab have this issue. However, another lab has the exact same computers, not sure about graphics card but that’s probably identical, and they run CATIA flawlessly. I’m pretty sure its a driver issue. Please help! I don’t think I can install the driver myself, since the computers delete any changes not saved to a shared or personal drive. So I’ll have to contact IT about it.

Here we only solve CUDA related issues, not CATIA related issues.

There are proper support channels for nVidia Quadro cards, this is not one of them. Sorry ;)