Disk Encryption of External NVMe in Jetson AGX Xavier

Hi I want to implement disk encryption using external NVMe on Jetson AGX Xavier devkit. What will be the procedure?
My knowledge so far is this that we can not directly flash external NVMe.
After flashing eMMC we have to move root to NVMe but the boot will remain on eMMC.
I am already in process of implementing secureboot and also want to encrypt NVMe after after moving root from eMMC
What will be the procedure of external disk encryption kindly guide me. Thanks

hello AbdulWasey,

disk encryption for external storage is currently not supported since there’s no tool to flash to external storage device,
FYI, I’ve see some update which support flashing to external device on the next public release. (i.e. JetPack-4.6)