Disk encryption with generic-pass

is there a way to run disk encryption along with massflash image ? Currently, disk encyrption can be used only for massflash=1 device, and not multiple devices as it uses unique-pass.
Can I somehow use generic-pass and create a massflash image which can be flashed to multiple jetsons simultaneously. ?


no, it’s not supported. please see-also Topic 221204.

Is there a way to use disk encryption with massflash image to flash multiple jetsons irrespective of generic-pass ?
Or is it a dead-end ?

it’s suggest to unlock the encrypted root device with the per-device unique passphrase.

I want to have disk encryption implemented with mass flash image. So there is no way to do that irrespective of per-device unique passphrase or generic passphrase ? Thanks in advance !

it’s currently not support to use generic passphrase, please have unique ECID to enable disk encryption.

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