Display CUDA processed image

Hi Guys,

I wish to process frames from camera using CUDA kernel and then display the result on screen. Could anyone suggest the best way to do this maybe without hurting in terms of cycle consumption ? Is there any example which uses frames from camera and displays the cuda processed result on screen which I can follow ?

Based on recommendation from folks on forum we are using NvEGLRenderer to display the incoming frames. However the render API used only takes “fd” as argument. Hence I am in a fix on how to proceed forward with this.

Please help me out.


One solution may be using gstreamer plugin nvivafilter.

Hi lamegeorge,

Sorry that I don’t get what your concern for using NvEGL renderer. I guess you use it in mmapi sample.

Hi WayneWWW,

My concern is that NvEGL renderer can only display incoming frame which has fd associated with it. If I wish to display an output of a CUDA kernel how to accomplish it without any additional copy to incoming frame buffer which has “fd” associated with it.

Could you also please tell me where I can find mmapi sample ?


Hi lamegeorge,

For your case, I think it would be better using cuda samples. There is one called simple_GL that use openGL to render instead of EGLstream.