Display Settings to Free dGPU for CUDA (Win10)

I am working on a HP ZBook 15 G3 running Windows 10; thus has an iGPU (Intel HD 530) and a dGPU (NVDIA Quadro M1000M). I am trying to run some CUDA-accelerated machine learning workloads on the dGPU but am currently running a multi-monitor setup that is utilizing the dGPU quite a lot (3 displays connected via Thunderbolt 3 Dock + the laptop’s builtin display).

Currently, the 3 display are running on the dGPU and the builtin is running on the iGPU. Im having alot of trouble trying to find information online about controlling to which display adapter a given monitor is routed to so am looking for any information on how to force a monitor device to use a given display adapter device to try to move some if not all of my monitors to the iGPU to free up the dGPU.