Displaying 2 or more IP camera feed

Good day sirs/madams, Me and My Friend have managed to display a feed in 2 of our IP cameras, individually. Now we want to have both cameras running at the same time without losing any fps, I guess or at least have both of them running at a smooth pace.

WE want to know how to run 2 or more cameras in a single detect.py. we tried to use a string text but it outputs an error “Filenotfound error: (filename) does not exit”

We managed to run both cameras, one was run by a GPU while the other by the CPU.

Thanks for helping out!!!

Would like to confirm which sample you are running. Do you mean you are running this sample:
jetson-inference/python/examples/detectnet.py at master · dusty-nv/jetson-inference · GitHub

Good day. I’m his friend and I would like to clarify that we were running detection in Yolov5 detect.py. We cloned the repo at GitHub - ultralytics/yolov5: YOLOv5 🚀 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite and downloaded the necessary requirements. We successfully ran an ip camera (rtsp) yet we are not able to run more than one. Tried using the recommended --source streams.txt run argument (where two cameras are listed) yet it returned Filenotfound error although inputting the correct format in the txt file. Searched the Yolov5 forums about that yet with no resolution.

We don’t have experience about using the sample. Would need other users to share experience.

For running deep learning inference on Jetson platforms, you may consider use DeepStrean SDK. For more information, please refer to the documents:
NVIDIA Metropolis Documentation

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