DLSS is not displayed as a setting in the viewport

Hello, please tell me, I installed your plugin for unreal engine 5.1 and enabled it in the settings, but it does not appear as a setting in the viewport. Did she move somewhere or did I do something wrong? Moreover, all other parts of the plugin at first glance work, I attached screenshots

Hi @pavelgalkin76456 , Happy New Year!

Did you see the video that explains the changes that came with the new version?

I guess that will answer some questions.


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Got it !
Thank you very much for support, all works fine now in my UE5.1 :)

Kind regards


Everything became very unclear, the screen percentage was originally a standard setting in unreal engine, and now dls is controlled by it. You organized it very strangely. Previously, everything was intuitive and understandable.

Well, it is hard for me to disagree with that assessment.

Unreal Engine is not an NVIDIA product, that means we only have limited influence on how they decide to arrange and design their UI and how you interact with third party plugins.

I hope you can still work around any limitations you might perceive.


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