Do i need to generate pinmux dtsi when Overlay device tree?

Hi guys,
I’m having some question about Overlay device tree for NVIDIA Jetson.
My device is Jetson AGX Orin, running Jetpack 6.0DP

  1. I’m following this guide to create a custom .dts file for overlay (USB and CSI)
  • I want to ask How i can know all property to configure? And what is valid value for each property:
    Such as: clocks = <&bpmp TEGRA234_CLK_XUSB_CORE_DEV>,
    <&bpmp TEGRA234_CLK_XUSB_CORE_SS>,
    <&bpmp TEGRA234_CLK_XUSB_SS>,
    <&bpmp TEGRA234_CLK_XUSB_FS>;
  • I did not find any official of NVIDIA about that, i refered to and device tree in /boot
  • So i want to ask to confirm about above information.
  1. Arcording to, i create .dts file and compile to .dtbo and copy to /boot
  • i want to ask Whether i need to generate pinmux file more? Or only need to copy .dtbo to /boot and reboot?

Please reply soon, thank you so much!

First…the document you posted is rel-32.6… it is jetpack4 document.

Second… this is Xaiver NX forum. Not for Orin AGX.

Hi WayneWWW,
Sorry my mistake, i will move to AGX Orin forum.

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