Do Titan XP GPUs and TITAN X Pascal GPUs support P2P connection?

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Do you guys know if Titan XP GPUs and TITAN X Pascal GPUs support peer-to-peer connection?

I am using 3 TITAN X Pascal GPUs and 1 GeForce GTX TITAN GPU. It seems that P2P connection is not supported between TITAN X Pascal and GTX TITAN, so I would like to upgrade my GTX TITAN GPU.

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GPUs of different architectures generally do not support P2P connections between them.

For safest, clearest instructions, just assume that if 2 GPUs are not identical you should not expect P2P to work.

Note that I did not say that if you have 2 identical GPUs in a system, that P2P will always work. There are other considerations as well. But with respect to GPU types, the best approach is to have identical GPUs, if you want to use P2P.

Hi @txbob

Thank you for your reply. In my system, there are p2p connections among TITAN X Pascal GPUs but not between TITAN X Pascal GPUs and GTX TITAN GPU.

The reason why I asked about Titan XP GPUs is that Nvidia no longer sells TITAN X Pascal GPUs. Do you have any suggestions?

I think it might work between Pascal Titan X and Titan Xp. Those are both the same GPU device (GP102). But I can’t guarantee anything, since I haven’t tried it.