Documentation on cudaGraphXXX() Graph Management functions?

After a quick skim of the Runtime API’s Graph Management functions, I’m not seeing any information on the lifetimes of cudaGraph_t and cudaGraphExec_t objects.

I’m going to assume that the API supports destroying cudaGraph_t and cudaGraphExec_t objects as soon as they’re no longer needed.


cudaGraphCreate(&cg)          // create the graph
// add nodes...               // build the graph 
cudaGraphInstantiate(&cge,cg) // build the executable
cudaGraphDestroy(cg)          // we're done with the graph so destroy it
cudaGraphLaunch(cge,stream)   // launch the executable
cudaGraphExecDestroy(cge)     // we're done with the executable so destroy it

Please confirm!

Yes, you can destroy graphs that are no longer needed.

A fairly complete CUDA graphs example is available in the CUDA sample codes. “simpleCudaGraphs”