Does 470.xx driver support Tesla K20/K40, or only K80/K520?

I’m seeing conflicting information on whether the 470.xx legacy drivers support K20/K40 accelerators; can anyone give a definitive answer? (This is for a CentOS-based cluster, which is currently running EOL 460.xx drivers).

Places I’ve looked, with varying results:

  • The Release notes for 470.161.03 on the Tesla documentation site:
    • in “Section 2. Virtualization > Supported Graphics Cards”, the K20/K40 cards are included in the table showing passthrough support.
    • In “Section 3. Hardware and Software Support > Supported NVIDIA Data Center GPUs”, only K80/K520 are listed.
  • The README accompanying the 470.161.03 driver downloads at
    • in “Appendix A. Supported NVIDIA GPU Products”, the K20 and K40 cards are listed
    • Note that the driver on this site is bitwise-identical to the one linked from the Tesla site’s releases.json; different download URLs, same file.
  • The What’s a legacy driver? page
    • the K20/K40 cards are listed as being supported by the 470.xx drivers
  • The Linux X64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver page for 470.161.03
    • in the “Supported Products” tab, none of the Tesla accelerators are listed.
  • The Data Center Driver For Linux X64 page for 470.161.03
    • in the “Supported Products” tab, only K80/K520 are listed
    • Again, I believe this is the same file (note the filesize and name), just listed on a different page.
  • The main NVIDIA Driver Downloads search tool
    • Searching for any K-series card (including K80/K520) points you to the EOL 460.106.00 driver

Am I missing something obvious here, or are some of these sources just incomplete or incorrect…?


I’ll add another link to your impressive collection :-)

which would tend to indicate that the 470 one is the the correct one.

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