are the 384.66 drivers compatible with GP100?

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So, at my molecular modelling group we have a SuperMicro Workstation, running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, equipped with: 2 K80 cards and 2 K40 cards. We intent to replace the K40 cards with a GP100 card.
The latest drivers for the KXX cards which are compatible with cuda 8 are the 384.66 version and they list “Tesla P100” on the supported products list.
On the other hand, the latest driver compatible with GP100 is 410.93.

So, will a GP100 work (compute) with the 384.66 drivers? Its P100 cousin is supported… We don’t need it to have video output, just to run simulations/quantum calculations. Upgrading the operating system is not an option at the moment…

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All mentioned gpus are supported by the latest drivers (410/415)
General cuda install advice:

  • Don’t use the .run installers, use --uninstall to uninstall them
  • purge anthing nvidia/cuda
  • add the ubuntu graphics ppa
  • install the driver from that (sudo apt install nvidia-driver-415)
  • download the cuda .deb
  • add the repo to your system (first three steps from install instructions on download page)
  • don’t install cuda
  • instead, run sudo apt install cuda-toolkit-10-0

The 384.x driver also supports all mentioned gpus.

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sorry to be bumping this.
what is the most suitable driver for Tesla K80 and Quadro GP100? I have 418.67, but I might have messed up something with OpenGL support, as I’m getting errors with other programs that need it and are unable to find it:

Cannot use native OpenGL. Using Mesa.
No OpenGL libraries found, using fallback MesaGL.

and, common to glxgears:

X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
Major opcode of failed request: 148 (GLX)
Minor opcode of failed request: 3 (X_GLXCreateContext)
Value in failed request: 0x0
Serial number of failed request: 2858
Current serial number in output stream: 2859

thank you so much!