Nvidia Tesla K80, Cuda version support?


I working using Google Cloud Instance with GPU K80 and Ubuntu 16.04.
But I have one question, what is the correct Cuda version, 9.0 , 9.2 or 10 for this hardware ?

in this link you see more information:

   Linux instances:
         R384 branch: NVIDIA 384.111 driver or greater
         R390 branch: Not yet available

You can use 9.0, 9.2, or 10.0 with K80

You should use an appropriate GPU driver depending on which CUDA toolkit version you are using.

A 410.xx driver should be fine for all CUDA versions.
A 396.xx driver should be OK for CUDA 9.0 or CUDA 9.2
a 384.xx driver will support CUDA 9.0

See table 1 here:


Can I use Cuda version 10.1 with GPU Tesla K80?


will the latest CUDA 11 work with Tesla K80?

From the CUDA 11 release notes (https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-toolkit-release-notes/index.html)

Support for Kepler sm_30 and sm_32 architecture based products is dropped.
Support for the following compute capabilities are deprecated in the CUDA Toolkit:
sm_35 (Kepler)
sm_37 (Kepler)
sm_50 (Maxwell)

The Tesla K80 has compute capability 3.7, i.e. sm_37. It is supported by CUDA 11, but that support is deprecated which means it will likely be removed in the next major CUDA release.

You can look at this table called CUDA Toolkit and Compatible Driver Versions.