does Jetson tx1 or tx2 support opencl

hello to everybody.does Jetson tx1 or tx2 support opencl??
in image processing implementation can someone compare cuda with opencl and say which one is better??

Hello, openCL isn’t supported on Jetson TX1 or Jetson TX2. The CUDA toolkit is installed by JetPack during the post-install steps after flashing. Also included and built on top of CUDA for image processing are VisionWorks, OpenCV4Tegra, and NPP (NVIDIA Performance Primitives). You can also train deep neural network (DNN) to perform image processing using Caffe or TensorRT, see inference and training guide.

You can’t really say that OpenCL is better than CUDA, anymore than you can say that OpenGL is better than Direct3D. They are different APIs to get at the same hardware. Developing on CUDA may lock you into NVIDIA code, the same way developing for Direct3D locks you into Microsoft, but you can still make it run fast, just like there are lots of good apps written on Direct3D.

Is there a way to install OpenCL on the TX2? I realize it’s not officially supported, but is it even possible? Has anybody out there successfully gotten OpenCL to install on a TX2?

Hi cdahms123, short of someone in the community authoring their own OpenCL interface driver (ICD), the only thing that comes to mind is OpenCL<->CUDA translation tools (for example: [url][/url]). Disclaimer that have not tried these myself, so your mileage may vary.