Does Jetson TX2 support YUV422 encoding?


Does TX2 support 4K60fps H.265 with YUV4:2:2 color space directly without change it to 4:2:0?

If not, what is the max. video resolution that TX2 can encode with YUV4:2:2 color space?



On TX2, we support YUV420 10-bit in H265 encoding. YUV422 is not supported.

Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for the reply.

It is too bad that TX2/AGX Xavier doesn’t support YUV422 H265 encoding even with 256/512 core Pascal/Tensor GPU cores.

Based on Wikipedia, GP107 (640 Pascal) has NVENC engine and can support YUV422 H265 encoding.

However, I need a part with less power consumption than GP107.

Which device support YUV422 H265 encoding with the lowest power?

I understand you may not able to answer my question. If that is the case, can you provide a correct group for me to ask?



Hi adong,

For dGPU product information, please check: