Does NANO support SST mode in DP?

Hi, I would like to know if your official release support SST mode in DP port ?
Is there any doc claim this ? Please advise.

If you can’t find it from NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Software Features | NVIDIA Docs, then the answer is No.

Hi, KayCCC

In this website, you claim “DP 1.2 support”.
We all know that DP 1.2 supports MST, for example.
And I know that you ( or your colluage ) has informed that MST dose not be supported.
That’s the reason I ask then if your DP supports SST mode ?

P.S.: In the code you delivered, it seems that it has SST stuff.

Could you describe your usecase with SST? Not quite sure what do you want to do exactly.

Hi, WayneWWW,

We plan to connect to a 1to2 MST Hub.
I would like to confirm if this is workable ?

I don’t quite understand that you are asking me SST mode but now you also tell me you want to use MST hub.

If you are just talking about if you can use a expander to give out the DP signal for two monitors, then I guess it would work.

Please be aware that it would be same signal into two. The monitors you connected will only show same content.

Hi, WayneWWW,

The purpose I asked for this is the MST Hub declares that the source device (for example, NANO), must support SST mode at least.
I did test this MST hub with TK1 and it does not work. No display output.
Then, I ask your help.

I checked some old history. And we can support to 4k@30 SST mode. But no support for 4K@60 SST.

Got it, thank you.

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