Does nvcodec really support RGB image as input?


I recently found that if I give a rgb image as the input of nvenc, then the decoder will output some abnormal image. However, if I convert the rgb image to NV12 and then put it as the input of encoder, then the image will be correct. I am confusing that does Nvidia really support RGB as input? I read from some places that the gpu device actually only takes care of NV12 image.

Also, if it does really support RGB image, how to set the parameters of encoder because I couldn’t find that there are parameters for RGB image input such as chroma plane bit depth etc.

Can someone take a look of this? Thanks!

Please refer to Samples/AppEncode/AppEncCuda/AppEncCuda.cpp for details about how to use NV_ENC_BUFFER_FORMAT_ARGB input buffer format.