Does support for "GPUDirect for Video" mean that RDMA in general is supported?

Hello, do cards that support “GPUDirect for Video” like the RTX A6000 also support “GPUDirect RDMA”? I must admit I am a bit confused by this page:

Can I safely assume that all of the listed GPUDirect modes are supported on a device that supports “GPUDirect for Video”?


Anyone? Please help.


Hi @Ginsengelf , welcome back to the NVIDIA dev forums!

The way this should be interpreted is that all the NVIDIA GPU Direct features as part of Magnum IO are supported on current generation datacenter GPUs. If you check the RDMA docs specifically you will find that it was already introduced with Kepler generation and does support Quadro and as such Quadro RTX6000 as well.

Did you find some product description of an RTX6000 that only listed “GPU Direct to Video”? If so I would be very interested to see where you found that so we could clarify this possible confusion.

I hope this helps.


Hello Markus,
yes, thank you, that answers my question.

I think I had downloaded the datasheet for the RTX A6000 from here:

Direct link:

On the second page of that PDF in the “Features” block it listed “NVIDIA GPU Direct for Video support”. I think it confused me that that this was explicitely mentioned, while the other GPUDirect options like “GPUDirect RDMA” were not.

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I can understand the confusion and some information might be lost in translation to the German site as well.

But thank you for pointing to these sites and documentation. I will relay this to the relevant people.

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