can someone from nvidia confirm that GPU NVIDIA RTX A6000 supports GPUDirect RDMA ?
From the documentation

Faster PCIe performance also accelerates GPU direct memory access (DMA) transfers, enabling faster video data transfers from GPUDirect® for video-enabled devices and faster input/output (I/O) with GPUDirect Storage.

I guess it includes RDMA.
there is another thread on the same subject

unfortunately not from nvidia


An observation, (I am not Nvidia), that RDMA seems to be a part of the GPU Direct family:

GPU Direct Storage is also and given that GPU DMA is common to both tasks, this info in the GDS docs, may give one hope the A6000 will work with RDMA:

I know, it shouldn’t need to be this hard… ;)

I’m not from Nvidia, but I can confirm the A4000 works with RDMA (I move video buffers per DMA of the FPGA to the GPU memory) between my FPGA and GPU.
Quite certainly the A6000 would work too then, as it’s just an upgrade.