Does SX1036 have ECN marking scheme?


Currently, I’m configuring RoCEv2 with SX1036 and ConnectX6-Dx.

I received the commands below from the switch seller for enabling OEM (open ethernet mode) MODE and ECN (explicit congestion notification), but neither of them can be executed.

# Enable Open Ethernet mode
switch (config) # oem-mode on

# Configure PFC and ECN for RoCEv2
switch (config) # ecn enable force
switch (config) # ecn congestion-threshold switch-priority 3 100 force

I would like to know if this is a version issue of MLNX-OS or if the SX1036 cannot utilize ECN in the first place.

The documentation for MLNX-OS does mention RED/ECN support, but only on Spectrum-based switches.

I understand that spectrum-based switches support relative RED/ECN configuration.

And I thought that SwitchX-based switches would support the ECN marking process, even if they don’t support ECN configuration.

If ECN marking is not possible on Switch-X, is there a workaround to perform ECN marking on the SX1036 using feature like Openflow?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

ECN is not supported with SwitchX (SX1xxx systems).
OpenFlow is also not supported.
Please note that the entire SX1xxx switch line is EOL.

Also - last Onyx version to support the SX1xxx systems is 3.6.8012.