Does the TLT support N-Fold Cross-Validation?


I see TLT can be set up for N-fold dataset with validation_fold set to a particular fold for verification. I’m wondering if it supports N-Fold Cross-Validation in which all the folds take turn to be a validation set. If yes, how to set it up?


For sequence wise validation please choose the validation fold in the range [0, N-1].
Then the folder you selected will be a validation set.
If you want to change the validation set, please modify it in the spec manually.
Running tlt-evaluate will do validation against the validation set you specified.

Thanks Morganh


How can iterate within the range of the validation folds?


After tfrecord files generation via the tool tlt-dataset-convert, you can see each tfrecord file will be named as different fold or shard name.

Thanks, Morganh