Does WinOF do any kind of windows kernel bypass or partial bypass for TCP/IP?

Does it improve on what a builtin intel nic does as far as latency, etc with packaged software?

WinOF driver enables and supports the ability to do Windows “kernel-bypass” to tcp/udp by using RDMA fast-connection , which is basically fast direct HW “cache-to-cache” connectivity.

Protocol such as SMBDirect in Windows provide significant high network-performance by using regular TCP/IP only with the RDMA-connection, bypassing the kernel-space and using proper Mellanox network adapters, that will actually provide a TCP/IP stack along with the new RDMA stack.

You can find plenty of articles on that subject in Mellanox community publications in the web

Here is one of them:

“How To Configure SMB Direct over IP networks (RoCEv2) on Windows 2012 Server”–rocev2–on-windows-2012-server