Double Buffering, Basics

We are running Centos Linux, 64 bit, with an NVIDIA video card and openGL. My application is to create a 2D strip chart. I use Qt for the user input and control and created a widget of type QGLWidget for the strip chart itself. We do not have GLUT or BOOST.

I have the red book: Open GL Programming Guide. It states that double buffer is good but OpenGL does not directly implement it. I am a government contractor and pretty much all sites with a topic of gaming are blocked.

My personal limitations are effectively no knowledge of graphics and matrix math. But this is 2D only and will never need transformations or anything of the sort. Given all that:

Can anyone tell me how to initiate and execute double buffering? A link to a tutorial will be great.

Oops, I cannot find an edit button. The language is C++;