Doubt regarding supported cameras

Hi, I wanted to know if this list of Jetson Partner Supported Cameras mentioned over at this link are up to date?

We are planning to use this e-consystems 2MP OV2312 Global Shutter RGB-IR Camera Module with Jetson Orin AGX. On the vendor website it is mentioned in the highlights that this camera supports the NVIDIA Jetson series but I am unable to find this same camera on the Jetson Partner Supported Cameras webpage.

hello not_a_bot,

let me check with web page maintainer for confirmation.
you may also contact with sensor vendor for double check.

@JerryChang I meant Orin AGX and not Orin NX. Updated the post to reflect this change

Hi @JerryChang, I would like to know if there is any update on this?

hello not_a_bot,

I’m able to see this is listed within Jetson Partner Supported Cameras page.
please double check this linkage…

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