Download Linux .run Driver from Link for AWS EC2 Issue

Hi, currently I am using the p2 instance on AWS EC2 and try to deploy machines automatically.

I follow this tutorial provided by AWS to download and install the Linux driver.

This tutorial tells readers to download via

Users can substitute with a suitable version number. However, some drivers cannot be downloaded. I got a 404 Error when I try to install version 375.88 for p2 instances while version 384.66 works.

So I wonder whether each version of GPU driver has a .run file that can be downloaded from Nvidia’s website. If not, I think Nvidia and AWS should work together to improve the tutorial.

Although I can download each version of drivers manually, I have to maintain it and include these large binary files in my code repository. Unfortunately, GitHub doesn’t support any file larger than 100MB for normal users. So I do hope NVIDIA and AWS can cooperate to solve this problem.

BTW, this forum’s post function has a bug. The link function which inserts mark in the hypertext contents doesn’t work. Instead, directly pasting a URL in the text works.

Hi liangzheng,

It looks like the 375.88 Tesla release only includes the -diagnostic version of the .run package:

I’m not sure why that particular release was a diagnostic one. Please refer to the driver download pages at for the correct URL for any given Tesla release.

As for the [url] tag, I’m not sure why the forum button pastes it the way that it does, but the propert syntax is text.


We are aware of this forum bug. This is on a long list of fixes/improvements that will be included in the next version of Devtalk.


Thanks for both of your quick replies.

For the driver issue, it seems NVIDIA doesn’t provide such a public link (even in a ftp format). I cannot find anything about “” except for the AWS tutorial from Google.

I can only find something like this page:

If NVIDIA can provide a full list of all files available for download, many developers will be more willing to use NVIDIA’s products.

On the page you linked to, the Download button takes you to a page with a link to the license on it. There, the “Agree & Download” button is a link to the actual .run file.