Driver 390 does not load with kernel 5.4

I can’t get the Nvidia driver to load on my system (Geforce GT 750M, so I am using the latest driver available for it: 390.132).

If I select with prime-select the nvidia option, my system won’t start. It only boots successfully if I select intel or on-demand, but then my Nvidia card is not used.

I have secure boot disabled, and the nvidia driver is not blacklisted. I had originally installed driver 440, but once I found out this version doesn’t support my card (as per I purged everything nvidia and installed driver 390 from scratch. But driver 390 is not loading either.

Any way how I can get the driver to load or investigate what the issue is?

nvidia-bug-report.log (1.7 MB)

Please delete the file
it sets an intel only config.

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That was it; thanks!

I’ve even switched to driver 440 as you suggested on the other thread and the system boots fine and the Nvidia driver is now enabled.

I don’t have Wayland as a boot option, but I guess that’s food for a separate thread.